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Digital Connections for our Teens: A Balancing Act

Just briefly glancing at almost any public area, dotted with countless eyes fixated on smartphones or people silently immersed in the sounds coming out of their headphones, reveals that technology is undeniably attached to nearly all aspects of our lives. This dependence on technology, particularly because of the growing popularity of social networking sites, has been shown as especially prevalent for teens and young adults.

Due to growing concern among parents and researchers alike, numerous studies have been conducted to show the negative impacts this phenomenon might have on our children’s brains and personal well-being.

The Pew Research Center reports that 90% of individuals between the ages of 18-29, as well as 70% for those aged 12-17, use social media and a substantial amount of these users maintain consistent exposure to these services throughout the day. Considering the hyperactive and impulsive nature of the teenage mind, attraction to an unending stream of new stimuli is not a surprise. […]

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Marijuana Use and the Young-Adult Mind: A Response to New Research

Within recent memory, the stigma surrounding marijuana has been slowly fading, the THC inside of it has consistently grown more potent, and its availability has remained widespread. Clearly, the use of pot represents a highly controversial topic of conversation in our society, but there is no debating the detrimental affects that it has on the fragile and developing minds of young adults. While previous research has shown that marijuana abuse in adolescence leads to long-term drops in IQ, higher rates of addiction, and memory impairment, new findings suggest that even casual use is associated with substantial brain abnormalities in young adults. […]

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