Therapy Services

Initial Assessment & Consultation

Our work is based on establishing positive, transformative relationships — and this begins the first time we meet. It’s important that we get to know your challenges, concerns, and hopes for the future. A comprehensive assessment is performed with all clients prior to the commencement of treatment. By gathering accurate information through in-person interviews, we are able to establish a realistic clinical picture and develop probable treatment interventions to establish the best possible outcomes for your teen and your family. A treatment plan will then be established which will define the problems and the working knowledge and suggested strategies needed in hopes of creating corrective change.

Individual, Family, & Couples’ Therapy

The human soul is capable of many things when supported with compassion and understanding. Psychotherapy is a unique, shared experience between the client and therapist which provides clients the opportunity to find solutions through continual support and education. There are many issues that may bring clients into therapy wanting answers, reassurance, and solutions to their problems. For many, this may be the first time they have had the opportunity to share their story and concerns. The therapy experience helps individuals expand self-awareness, join others relationally, and gives many a greater command over their day-to-day lives. Whether you engage in individual, family, or couples’ therapy — or some combination of the three — the therapeutic process can bring about greater happiness, success, and accomplishment for all involved.


Men’s Group

We have specialized support groups for men, addressing issues surrounding co-dependency, intimacy, relationships, and parenting. The groups allow men to establish a place of trust where they can begin to find real solutions to their life challenges, discovering the tools to build better relationships.

Women’s Group

We have support groups specifically for women, addressing issues surrounding co-dependency, intimacy, relationships, and parenting. The groups allow for women to establish a place of unity where they are able to obtain the support necessary to create changes in their own lives.

Adolescent & Young Adult Groups

Groups provide a setting in which young people build self-esteem through honesty, compassionate support, and encouragement. At a developmental phase in which peer groups are a highly significant motivating force, adolescent and young adult groups harness the power of the positive peer group experience. Oakwood offers a variety of groups for teens and young adults based on each client’s age and current needs, providing all of the young people we serve with the support and skills necessary to problem solve and overcome challenges in their lives.

Sibling Support Group

This group serves as a space where children and teens can come to share their thoughts and feelings related to their family experiences and challenges. The group provides support for those children with siblings that struggle with substance abuse or other mental health issues. This group is conducted in a process-oriented format, including psycho-educational and cognitive behavioral techniques.



Welcome to Oakwood Institute

At Oakwood, we “get” what families need to feel supported, and we have the clinical resources necessary to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We believe that families are complex systems that come with many parts, and as such we provide families the comprehensive help they truly need to create positive change not just for the adolescent, but for the family system as a whole.