Why Oakwood?

At Oakwood, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all therapeutic approach to addressing your family’s unique issues and challenges.

We seek to provide the right approach based on each client’s unique biological, psychological and genetic factors coupled with the individual’s key relationships and environment. Today’s best practices incorporate parents, family, academic institutions, and other significant individuals in the young person’s life in the treatment process. As such, at Oakwood we provide a multidimensional treatment model that is diverse, integrative, and comprehensive. Our clinical team has decades of experience in working with teens, young adults and their families, providing a supportive atmosphere in which teens and their families can engage the tools necessary to move beyond crisis and thrive.



Welcome to Oakwood Institute

At Oakwood, we “get” what families need to feel supported, and we have the clinical resources necessary to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We believe that families are complex systems that come with many parts, and as such we provide families the comprehensive help they truly need to create positive change not just for the adolescent, but for the family system as a whole.