What is a Therapeutic Mentoring Program (TMP)?

Therapeutic mentoring programs provide structured, one-to-one hands-on coaching, therapy, and support for an individual and their family. These services are best suited for individuals in late adolescence and young adulthood (up to the age of 25) that need active support within their community. TMPs are particularly effective in the following situations:

1. Transitioning to ‘normal’, day-to-day life from an intensive therapeutic milieu like a

• wilderness program
• intensive outpatient program
• therapeutic boarding school
• residential treatment facility

2. Transitioning from a home environment into an independent living situation

3. As a preventive intervention in an attempt to keep the adolescent/young adult from having to leave the home to receive services in a residential therapeutic setting

Research suggests that incorporating some form of therapeutic mentoring during these three transitional stages leads to better long-term therapeutic outcomes. One-on-one coaching, facilitated problem-solving and structured support can be highly effective in leading and motivating clients to create positive, sustainable change.



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