What Treatment Components are Typically Part of Oakwood’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

The Oakwood IOP typically includes a combination of the following treatment components and supports:

Teen/Young Adult Group Therapy

In an attempt to address our young peoples’ needs we use a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral approach. These groups function as a teaching environment that address all areas of the young person’s life focusing on life skills development, accountability, and practical problem solving solutions. These groups provide a safe environment for the individual to explore their attitudes, behavioral patterns and feelings while gaining the awareness and knowledge that is helpful in managing their psychological minds, emotions and behaviors.

Multiple Family Group (MFG) Therapy

A critical therapeutic component of the IOP is MFG Therapy. The IOP teens, young adults and their families participate in this group during their treatment week. MFG combines the power of group therapy with the relational dynamics of family systems resulting in a supportive and empowering experience for the entire program community. Combining a mindfulness-based approach with gestalt therapy allows for a dynamic learning experience for everyone.

Individual Therapy for the Teen/Young Adult

One-on-one therapy sessions are conducted by an assigned program therapist to ensure that individual issues are being addressed at an intimate level. It provides the opportunity to revisit the child’s progress to bring further support and suggestion to their process and building narrative. The assigned therapist will follow the child and family through their treatment experience in the IOP.

Family Therapy for the Teen/Young Adult and Family Members

Therapy sessions are performed by the same assigned program therapist once a month on average or as needed. This intimate time as a family is essential and necessary to support continued change and growth. In this experience the family will begin to understand and practice concepts related to better communication and the notion of bridging and repairing their relationships. Awareness and knowledge about themselves will be expanded in the hope of creating greater intimacy and interpersonal connection within the family relationships.

Parent Education Group

This group meets once a week and provides parents with knowledge, support and coping strategies to better address their child’s behaviors. It is also a process group for the program parents to share their intimate thoughts and feelings related to their struggles and challenges. The group is run from a mindfully-based cognitive approach in the hope of empowering the parent to find new ways of living and connecting with others around them, thus strengthening their family relationships.

24/7 Program Support

Our counseling staff provides 24-hour support to our families in the IOP. Especially upon entry into the IOP, new families are in need of additional support and guidance. Implementing new boundaries and making healthy changes can be met with significant resistance and emotional upheaval. Having additional support from program staff is, not only necessary, but also crucial in helping families take the next steps towards creating real change.



Welcome to Oakwood Institute

At Oakwood, we “get” what families need to feel supported, and we have the clinical resources necessary to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We believe that families are complex systems that come with many parts, and as such we provide families the comprehensive help they truly need to create positive change not just for the adolescent, but for the family system as a whole.

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