What Services are Included in Oakwood’s TMP?

Oakwood’s Therapeutic Mentoring Program combines weekly therapeutic mentoring sessions with weekly individual therapy sessions, monthly family therapy, and ongoing parent coaching: a combination that we have found is highly effective. If your adolescent/young adult is struggling with substance use or abuse, drug screenings performed by Oakwood staff can also be incorporated into your family’s treatment plan.

Therapeutic Mentoring: Therapeutic mentoring itself differs from traditional individual therapy in that it provides life skills training by offering clients a broad range of day-to-day supports. Oakwood’s Therapeutic Mentoring Program (TMP) pairs each client with a mentor who, through one-on-one appointments and personal interactions, serves as a trusted guide to the adolescent or young adult. The emphasis in this mentoring relationship is on establishing and achieving goals and supporting positive life skills — including educational and vocational endeavors. In this vein, our therapeutic mentors support the clients directly in their daily environments, meeting the clients in settings such as their home, school, or sober living facility.

Individual Therapy: Individual therapy with one of our licensed therapists is focused on the adolescent/young adults’ experience and helps to identify their strengths and weaknesses related to effort and outcomes. Typical issues discussed include procrastination, lack of motivation, poor planning, and failed or delayed task implementation. Helping the teen or young adult begin to identify factors which influence them and lead to unsuccessful task implementation can assist them while working alongside their mentor.

Family Therapy: Family therapy allows the parent and teen an opportunity to discuss their real issues in a mediated, safe environment. Learning to bridge the current gaps in communication and connection and thus experience repair are common goals of family therapy. Many times a family is in need of immediate attention as there has been a great deal of injury with regard to their past interactions.

Parent Coaching: Parent coaching is essential for helping parents learn how best to support their adolescent/young adult. Many times parents, driven by a deep love for their child, unknowingly and innocently enable and rescue their child. This often has the unintended consequence of hindering a teen’s development, lessening their independence and self-confidence. Parent coaching allows parents to work with a mentor who will explain next step strategies and the best ways to support their maturing child. Engagement in parenting strategies which foster the teen’s independence, resilience, and a strong sense of agency are the intended outcomes of this parent coaching process.

While the therapeutic mentoring sessions are often conducted off-site, weekly individual therapy sessions, monthly family meetings, and parent coaching sessions are all conducted in-house at Oakwood’s facility.



Welcome to Oakwood Institute

At Oakwood, we “get” what families need to feel supported, and we have the clinical resources necessary to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We believe that families are complex systems that come with many parts, and as such we provide families the comprehensive help they truly need to create positive change not just for the adolescent, but for the family system as a whole.