Why Choose an IOP Versus Residential Treatment?

Integration of recovery into the teen’s and family’s daily lives

In an intensive outpatient setting, teens and their families receive one essential component of treatment that residential settings simply cannot provide: the ability to engage in intensive therapeutic work while remaining fully immersed in their communities. Teens remain enrolled in their schools and live at home with their families. In doing so, teens learn the tools to function in these environments. It’s one thing to disengage from at-risk behavior in a self-contained residential treatment facility and another to learn to do so long term, on a day-to-day basis. An IOP treatment setting provides teens and their families the opportunity to do just this.

Long-term treatment facilitates long-term solutions

Change takes practice and time. In an IOP, teens and their families engage in therapeutic work, which facilitates a decrease in the teen’s engagement in at-risk behaviors and shifts the family dynamic. Families gain tools to resolve conflict and establish and solidify new interpersonal strategies for responding to challenge and discord. Likewise, throughout the treatment process the family learns to embrace and celebrate the many successes that they are experiencing as well.

It’s more than crisis intervention

Both residential treatment and IOPs often come into play when the teen and the family are in crisis. However, in a long term IOP the family does more than reach an end to the immediate crisis: treatment services and supports continue so that the teen and family sustain the therapeutic gains beyond just crisis resolution. Families leave treatment having attained not only the ability to survive, but also to thrive into the future.



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