Digital Connections for Our Teens: A Balancing Act

Just briefly glancing at almost any public area, dotted with countless eyes fixated on smartphones or people silently immersed in the sounds coming out of their headphones, reveals that technology is undeniably attached to nearly all aspects of our lives. This dependence on technology, particularly because of the growing popularity of social networking sites, has […]

Marijuana Use and the Young-Adult Mind: A Response to New Research

Within recent memory, the stigma surrounding marijuana has been slowly fading, the THC inside of it has consistently grown more potent, and its availability has remained widespread. Clearly, the use of pot represents a highly controversial topic of conversation in our society, but there is no debating the detrimental affects that it has on the […]

The Connection Between Control, Happiness and Safety

What happens when our life’s challenges give us the feeling that we have lost control? We are stressed in our personal relationship, our children are struggling or we have lost a job. Our anxiety is high, our negative inner voice is heavy with chatter and cortisol is triggered in our brain. Fortunately, control is not the […]

Changing Adolescent Needs

How do we adapt to the needs of our adolescent children? Throughout life’s developmental milestones we receive benchmarks to indicate that our children are growing and developing at a healthy pace. When our children are infants and miss or fall short of these expectations attention is received from parents, pediatricians and teachers. “When we are […]